We are always open to new working relationships and business opportunities. The Viskan Group is jointly owned and run by the Ramezankhani brothers and Uddetorp Invest.

Milad Ramezankhani

“Whilst it was a passion for good food and bringing people together that first led me to the restaurant industry, it is because of my business sense and dedication that it has gone so well”

073–727 55 17

Nima Ramezankhani

“My ambition is to get continually better at what I do. Nobody knows everything there is to know – and the day I don’t feel like learning something new is the day I start to question myself”

073–623 59 55

Soroush Ramezankhani

“I’m driven by a passion for creating environments where people can enjoy themselves and socialise in a relaxed way. Everything depends on the details”

073–903 65 51